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A Vicious Circle is a free, simple, spiteful, very-short-session, score-attack arcade game, featuring kick-ass music by Empire of the Claw. It was written in a very short space of time for a competition, but I've since added a set of achievements that should provide a decent challenge for anyone wanting to collect the lot.

Use cursors and the Z key to play, or an Xbox 360 controller.

Avoid the red enemies, and eat the small green plankton to grow.

After 5 plankton have been eaten you can enter Rage mode and turn the tables on the enemy for lots of points.

However the more plankton you eat before Raging the higher the multiplier gets, leading to super high scores.

Raging clears away most of the growth you gained, but not all - you're always growing...

The game features a bonus mode called Facemelter. It's the same game but just picks a new random eye-watering colour-scheme from a selection for each phase of the game. If flashing colours do bad things to you then you really want to stay away from this one.

Install instructions

Once downloaded, unzip the file wherever you want the game to live. It will create a directory called AViciousCircle. Run the executable it contains to play the game.

This game requires the XNA runtime libraries to be installed - you can download them here.


AViciousCircle.zip 3 MB

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